Hi – What are your thoughts on getting STI tested as a soft swap only couple that does not use condoms for oral sex. Let’s assume that you are participating in a soft swap once a month and that 50% of those times involves a new couple that you haven’t played with before. How frequently would you get STI tested if at all? Obviously testing frequently would be better, but getting tested quarterly seems like overkill to us after 2-3 soft swaps. We are thinking that we each get tested twice a year alternating so one of us is tested every quarter. Even then that seems like a lot. What’s your opinion?”


I love that you are thinking so pro-actively regarding STI testing! Good for you!

We get STI tested twice a year (him in the summer/winter, me in the spring/fall), but we are an active, full swap couple. Your risk is certainly lower with soft-swap activities, but, in my experience, couples end up making that transition to full-swap somewhat spontaneously, so it’s good to be prepared.

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