2HotWives is a sex-positive podcast for women

Learn about the secret world of alternative sex happening just beyond the white picket fences and manicured lawns of suburbia: including couple swapping, sex toys, kink, hall passes, unicorns, impact play, swinger parties, nude resorts and more!   Ams and Kat, two friends in open marriages, share their experiences and advice on unconventional sex. 

Each episode, they choose a sexy experience: live it, love it, fuck it (or not!), and tell you how it goes.  For women in committed relationships, sex doesn’t have to be one more chore on her “to do” list. Ams and Kat are having the best sex of their lives, and they are ready to tell you all about it…  

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Great Chemistry!
McMoBro, 10/15/2021
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I listen to a TON of sex positive podcasts. I just found your show because of the Strictly Anonymous interview. You two have amazing chemistry! I love the fun and silly banter. Of course your sexy stories are great, but having great energy makes the difference. Keep it up!
Top Shelf Podcast
fireman666 , 06/16/2021
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This podcast is everything: educational, entertaining, contemporary and pulls no punches. Those are 2 lucky men to have such fantastic wives!!!
So Brave
drrroid , 04/26/2021
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I listen to your podcast while I workout for a little thrill. Today I listened to podcast 13 and I was crying. You are so brave! I cried because my wife had domestic violence in two previous marriages before ours and I realized again where the pain we deal with came from. I cried because no human should feel they have the right to treat others like that. Thank you for the open conversation and emotions. Thank you for the support you showed each other and thank you for the resources you offered.
PresJack, 04/13/2021
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I stumbled upon this podcast after episode 5. I binged it on a long drive. Although I’m not in the lifestyle, Ams and Kat’s message spoke to me. I love how they push communication and Sex positivity with no judgment. Whether you are in the lifestyle or vanilla or somewhere in between, male or female, this podcast is worth listening to. Plus, you get to learn new drinks from one of the best amateur mixologists out there. It’s the perfect combination of education and entertainment. And you can feel their friendship and respect for each other throughout.
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Fantastic job to the team for bringing this awesome podcast. I have learned so much and most importantly got the courage to use my words!!! Ok thanks again and I thoroughly enjoyed the cocktails 😉and hotails. Another comment, the wife and I are currently talking about opening up, but love to hear your take on the “feelings” and possible pitfalls. Both of us thank both couples for being so open and allowing us to seek new enjoyment.
Great podcast!!
Trusted Dating Adviser
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Wow! Keep up the good work with the podcast. Your experiences are very informative and funny at times. I'm just learning about the lifestyle and looking forward to seeing what happens in the future. Until than I'll keep listening!!!
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I loved this podcast. Really informative and I would love (based in your experience) how A single guy could start in this world and a few advices thank you ladies you are sexy AF. 😉
Great listen for couples
Swampfox SC
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Kat and Ams are a welcome addition in the pool of Lifestyle podcasts. Each episode is filled with tips and hot adventures told by two of the sexiest voices. Hump Day just got a bit hotter!
Refreshing and fun!
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Kat and Ams share relatable stories and mix in some steamy hot tails for fun. As a guy here, I'm thinking my wife will enjoy the presentation. Respectful with just the right amount of dirty!
Love this podcast!
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Thank you to your sex positive discussion of the lifestyle. We will share with all of our sexy friends! C&J
Great show
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Best new LS podcast!
Great Show!
girllovesbeer , 10/19/2020
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Wish I had access to this content before! Refreshing, fun, and very accurate portrayal of the lifestyle. Highly recommend!
Ready, sip, and be inspired!
Serenity Massage and Wellness, 10/11/2020
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Found this to be so empowering and fun! Love the focus on marriage and having fun with their spouses. You can really hear the admiration come through for their partners in the sexy stories they tell. Great way to sit back, relax with a cocktail and get inspired! So well done and entertaining! Thanks ladies for being confident and sharing with your audience.
Sexy, Fun & Informative
M&MinLV, 10/09/2020
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Ams and Kat offer a fun and personal approach to the lifestyle. Their stories are relatable, realistic and funny. Felt like we were eavesdropping on a sexy conversation between friends! Will definitely be interested to hear what they have to say next. Well done!
Down-to-earth women sharing with one another—love the creativity and vulnerability!
Elleweekly , 10/09/2020
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As a married woman with kids, who does not want to believe her best sex is in her past due to family interruptions/work/life, I found this podcast inspiring and empowering. The honest dialogue about how to broach sexual creativity as a topic with your partner in an inclusive and loving fashion and to recognize there is a spectrum that starts with sharing, listening, and learning more about one another is just...refreshing. Thanks ladies for being bold, and speaking out for love in all its forms and against sexual self-repression.
Refreshing and fun
Zanre, 9/16/2021
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This is a wonderful podcast for anyone interested in learning more about the lifestyle, but especially for women. Fun tips. Sexy tales. Honest truth. And Kat and Ams have a great chemistry for making a fun and frank podcast.
They've got that elusive spark!
BaltBabe2021, 10/21/2021
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I simply adore Kat and Ams! They’re chemistry is palpable and I was lucky enough to record with them. I learned so much about the lifestyle and they have opened my (bedroom) eyes to a whole new world! I can’t wait to hang with them again! Love you gals! XOXO -Adrienne, Midlife Craving Podcast
2 very sexy ladies
Sydneysider2019, 10/18/2021
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I guess this podcast is aimed more at the ladies of the lifestyle, but as a gent, I also found it entertaining. The format is very consistent, but a good mix of interesting stories and experiences, and some great cocktails. Many of the subjects raised are not right out there, but not quite mainstreams either. That is all positive and very relatable. Production qualities are very good.