If you are new to BDSM kink, it’s nice to be able to explore your boundaries in the comfort of your own home. Mr. Ams and I are fortunate enough to have private home dungeon complete with suspension bar, sex swing and a f*ck machine (it doubles as our recording space for the podcast), but it was not that long ago that we had to make due with storing all our adult toys in under-the-bed storage boxes.

Whether you have a little space or a lot, investing in a few of these items will help to create a sexy, personal dungeon for BDSM play. 

ambiance and storage

When breaking out the kinky costumes and crazy toys for BDSM play, you probably don’t want to do it under glaring overhead lights.  Soft, flattering lighting is key to creating the ambience of a sexy space. If you were to invest in one item for your dungeon space that requires a screwdriver, make it a dimmer switch. You can get dimmable lights and a switch at your local hardware store or online for less than thirty dollars. Colored lightbulbs (red or purple) are also great and easy way to create dramatic lighting. They screw into any standard lamp (bonus tip: take them to a hotel for instant mood lighting!) Another great option? LED light strips.  They can be placed around the ceiling, under a platform bed or behind pictures or televisions to create beautiful, indirect light.  Smart LED strip lights can be controlled with your smart phone to create sexy scenes in seconds.  

Another essential for creating a dungeon mood is music!  Yes, you can play music off your phone and stick it in a bowl for an impromptu speaker (been there, done that), but why not invest in a decent Bluetooth or wireless smart speaker?  If your dungeon serves double-duty (as a bedroom, office, etc.) you will appreciate having music (or podcasts) available whether you are working, or playing. 

For audiophiles, there is nothing better than Sonos. We recently purchased the Sonos Roam.  They are expensive, but the sound quality is amazing and they are portable and waterproof, which can be useful if your dungeon gets a little messy (in a sexy, good way). 

Finally, unless you want to keep all your lovely little dungeon toys on display, you have to think about storage. If you have a dedicated dungeon space, then I recommend a combination of…

Shelves: for books and pretty toys

Labelled bins: for toys, lube, condoms (and hair ties!). Plastic is easier to clean than cloth. 

Hooks: for hanging implements.  We found super sexy octopus hooks on Amazon a year or two ago.  They are fun and functional.

If you don’t have a dedicated space, you need closed storage, potentially with a lock. Try to make storage as easy to access as possible.  Sure, under the bed storage or boxes on a high shelf are discreet, but if your dungeon toys are really hard to access and set up, how often are you going to use them?  I love the dresser below, which has  three locking drawers, so you can keep your naughty things right next to your socks!

toys, toys toys!

Now for the fun part! All good dungeons require a few fun adult toys.  My recommendation would be to start with a high quality blindfold, some restraints and a couple of impact play toys.  Here are some of our favorites!


Short Suede Flogger – Black


Saffron Layer Paddle


Rouge Stainless Steel Double Pinwheel

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