Our mission? To create a network where like-minded women can explore their sexual interests and embrace great sex as the ultimate in self-care.

Sadly, many women who are wives, mothers and overall kick-ass adults don’t have great sex.

Why?  Because (1) we don’t learn about and prioritize our sexual desires. (2) it’s hard to find sex-positive content that is targeted toward women like us, and (3) we don’t talk with other people about our sex lives.

2HotWives wants to change the conversation that women have about sex

We are Ams and Kat: two friends in open marriages who explore the exciting world of unconventional sex.

Just a few years ago, our sex lives were plagued by the same challenges.  Our marriages were loving and respectful, and the sex was always…pretty good…but it never took precedence in our busy lives. If we had interest in exploring something sexual, we didn’t feel comfortable discussing it with our partners or our girlfriends. And when every Google search results in pornography or Sex and the Single Girl advice, it’s easy to give up in frustration.

Then we each decided, along with our loving husbands, to make sex a priority in our lives. Call it a midlife crisis, but suddenly it felt urgent not to waste any more time having pretty good sex. So we went a little crazy, exploring all manner of unconventional sex, including kink, swinging, sex parties and new partners.

The sex kept getting better, but there was one downside: sexual exploration is incredibly isolating. We couldn’t talk about sex with our friends and family and our husbands were too invested to be a sounding-board on sexual issues. We needed open-minded girlfriends!

Luckily, during this sexual walkabout we met each other and became best friends. We discovered the joy of having a friend to discuss our sexual adventures: the good the bad, the hot, the weird and the scary.

We realized what a rare gift it was to get a girlfriend’s perspective on sex, so we decided to share it with the world. Through our podcast, 2HotWives, we give a girlfriend’s perspective on unconventional sex. We want to open women’s minds to the sexual possibilities that exist and provide them a safe space to discover and achieve their sexual fantasies.

For women in committed relationships, sex doesn’t have to be one more chore on her “to do” list. The key to great sex…if you know what you want, and you ask for what you want, you get what you want!!! And the 2HotWives are here to tell you all about it.


Ams grew up in a household obsessed with sex! As the daughter of an Ob/Gyn and one of four sisters, dinner topic conversations were filled with The Miracle of Birth, STI prevention, Take Back the Night rallies, and condom distribution.  So, of course, Ams grew up thinking sex would either kill you or ruin your life. Luckily, Ams never lost her curiosity about sex.  Even during the dark days of mothering little children and starting a career as an attorney, Ams kept up her  interest in sex by secretly watching high-budget 90s porn and reading dog-eared copies of erotica in the bathtub. In her mid-thirties, Ams embraced SEX as part of her identity, and, like the overachieving know-it-all that she is, decided that she needed to become an expert in all things sexual.  How do you become an expert? Learn one, do one, teach one…and the format of the 2HotWives podcast was born. 

About Kat

Sex was never discussed in Kat’s house.  “You’re not having sex!?! Are you?” was the extent of the conversation.  It wasn’t her mother’s fault.  She was a single mom with 3 children and teaching her 13 year old daughter about sex was not high on her priority list.  Minimized and repressed, Kat forced herself to be quiet and not cause any trouble.  Everything Kat learned about sex she learned from the older girl next door.  Not a great start for a girl who dreamed of a different life, who longed for true connection and a real family.  

Kat worked hard and got lucky.  She waitressed her way through school pursuing a career in healthcare where she met and married her husband of over 20 years.  Together they started to explore all that a happy marriage and a great sex life could be.  They found books, articles, websites and podcasts with incredibly sexy stories.  And despite the difficulties of adulting and raising 2 children, they managed to keep their relationship a priority.  Kat’s sexual curiosity and excitement for new things led to open lively conversations about love, commitment, sexual desires and friendships.  And when she met Ams, she knew she had a girlfriend she could share her discoveries and desires with and vice versa.  They soon decided to share their conversations and insights with anyone who would listen and created the 2Hotwives podcast.