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Did the 2HotWives break up?  Did they get divorced?  Maybe they set sail on the Bliss cruise and never returned???

The Wives are back to bring you an update on what’s been happening in their lives since they last got in front of the microphone and to let you know that Season 4 will start on October 4th. 

The Wives are excited to share new hot tales and sexy advice on swinging, polyamory and kink. 

  1. My wife and I love your podcast but find the one thing we are concerned about most is almost never really discussed; STIs. We notice that when you talk about play, the condoms come out after oral and before penetration and we wonder if we play is it odd to ask for condoms before oral? We are also very curious to know how often partners will disclose an STI or if either of you have had to deal with the issue yourselves and how big of a struggle it was/is. Please include a bonus chat or episode that tackles this issue more head-on so that we can feel prepared to dip our toe into the swinger pool with a better understanding of the risks and how they are navigated. For example, are dental dams something that are ever used? Is it silly to want to use them? We are Eager to overcome our fears.

    1. Hey sexies! In my experience, no one has asked to use barriers during digital or oral sex. That would definitely be a safer way to practice, but I don’t think it’s common. The way that Mr. Ams and I choose to practice safe(r) sex is by using condoms for penetrative sex, being full disclosure with our doctors, and by each of us testing twice a year for STIs (him in the summer and winter, me in the spring and fall). We use Everlywell for home testing outside of our yearly physicals. I do think it’s important to separate out fear (and shame!) from facts when it comes to STIs, such as looking at facts on transmission rates and treatment options. Also, start play at your comfort level. Again, Mr. Ams and I chose to stay a parallel play and “soft swap” couple for close to a year when we first explored the lifestyle, in part because I didn’t feel ready tell my doctor about our extra-curriculars and start testing regularly. Now, this feels like no big deal to me. I just read a book for an upcoming episode called Urban Tantra by Barbara Carrellas that goes into extensive safe sex practices, if you are looking for some additional guidance on what to do. But I think the best way to protect yourself (outside of abstinence, which is super effective but not much fun) is to test regularly. – Ams

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