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Do you need to be “hot” to be successful in the lifestyle? In this episode, the Wives explore aesthetics and attraction in ENM relationships, including an interview with Coach April from Naughty Gym.  

This bonus episode was inspired by a number of listener questions that the Wives have received, where listeners have shared their concerns and insecurities about looks in the lifestyle. So, do you need to be hot?  The answer is not simple.  On the one hand, lifestyle dating is a lot like vanilla dating, and looks are a big part of attraction. So, yes, looks play into success in the lifestyle and improving your looks can improve your chance of success.  But on the other hand, people of all shapes, sizes and ages participate in the lifestyle, so no matter where you fall on that spectrum, there is a good chance that you can meet people and make a connection. Also, attraction involves more than looks: confidence, intelligence, and romantic mental and emotional connections are an important part of attraction for many people, including sapiosexuals, polysexuals, and demisexuals. 

To get more advice on the issue of aesthetics, fitness and wellness in the lifestyle, the Wives talk with their good friend: Coach April from Naughty Gym. 

about april

Coach April is a co-creator, with her husband Scott, of Naughty Gym, an online fitness and coaching platform tailored to the sex-positive community. April, a highly accomplished fitness and nutrition coach, has excelled in various fitness disciplines, such as competitive running, figure competitions, CrossFit, and Powerlifting. With a wealth of experience, she has guided thousands of athletes with diverse goals and fitness backgrounds, earning recognition as an expert in empowering women to feel confident in their bodies and motivating them to achieve their fitness aspirations.

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  1. I really enjoy your podcasts. I think they are very well put together and very informative and a good use of your many talents. I especially liked the episode about cannabis’s and the giggly bears. I don’t know how you find the time to get it all done. I think Mr.Cat and Mr. Ams are really lucky guys. So keep up the great work and go get fucked

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