My wife and I have had pretty good experiences during our first year in the lifestyle. However, most of the resources we have found (podcasts, event reviews, etc.) seem to be geared towards the HWP crowd and not toward folks like ourselves that carry around a few extra pounds.

Does anyone know of any resources for larger folks in the lifestyle? I’m mostly looking for a podcast that talks about the lifestyle from a larger couple’s perspective. There are LOTS of podcasts out there to choose from, but they all seem to be from folks that are HWP, and thus they ALWAYS seem to easily find couples to play with and have HOT stories to share.


As a podcaster myself, I can tell you that we come in all shapes, sizes and ages. That’s not always obvious, since many of us choose to remain anonymous and don’t post pictures of ourselves. Also, when we share experiences about play with other couples, most of us try and be extremely flattering to our partners, but, like everybody else, our partners tend to be about as attractive as we are. What’s true with regular dating is also true with lifestyle dating: people tend to find a connection with others who are more or less on the same level of attractiveness.

I don’t know of a lifestyle podcast that is specifically geared toward larger couples, but I think navigating weight is the same challenge that navigating age, fitness or any factor that some people find more or less attractive.

If I were to give advice to my listeners who are worried about finding a connection because of their weight, I’d say 1. be straight forward with your pictures and 2. show tons of confidence. There is a lid (many lids in fact) for every pot.

Best of luck!

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