For many of us who are exploring and pushing the boundaries of our sexual interests, there are odd little “gaps” in our knowledge and skills.  This uneven knowledge makes sense if you consider that most of us don’t have any sort of formal sex education.  We merely learn as we experience. 

Which is why I was thrilled to discover the Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay, authored by Jessica O’Reilley and Marla Stewart, as I was considering topics for the 2HotWives podcast. I found the book to be approachable, inclusive and actionable: a great read for couples in particular. 

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Check out the 2HotWives episodes: The Seduction and Foreplay, Parts 1 and 2, including an interview with the authors!

The book is essentially divided into two parts: Seduction and Foreplay.  The seduction chapters are focused on all the stuff that happens before people actually touch each other.  The authors cover topics such as identifying your seduction learning style, eroticizing daily activities, and discovering your authentic form of dirty talk. The foreplay chapters give step by step guides on fun and novel sex techniques, including tips on using toys and props to make sex even more pleasurable. 

What I liked about the book is that there is something in it for everyone: you can be a new hetero couple exploring each other for the first time, a long-time married same-sex couple looking to reinvest in your relationship, or a singleton who wants to understand and explore your body. 

Total sexual newbies and jaded deletants alike can find something actionable in this book to mix things up.   

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