I’m not going to lie: having sex with multiple partners is a lot of fun.  But one of the challenges to having more than one partner is making sure that everyone stays protected against STIs and pregnancy.  One of the cheapest, most effective ways to protect yourself and your partners is by using condoms. 

Prior to my husband and I opening up our marriage to new partners, I hadn’t seen a condom in almost twenty years.  My recollection of the old school “rubber” was not positive.  The condoms that I remembered from the late 90s and early 00s were rubbery and smelly. They didn’t feel good on my lady bits and they tasted awful!  Fast forward to today and I’m pleasantly surprised by the condoms that I’ve encountered with my new partners. 

Here are my top three favorites.    

SKYN Elite Non-Latex Lubricated Condoms

Skyn is a latex-free condom that is very thin and soft.  Skyn condoms are scentless and lubricated but they don’t have a strong chemical/lubricant taste. Skyn was one of the first condoms that I encountered with a new but experienced partner.  The sex wasn’t great, but I absolutely loved the condoms…so much so that I sent a message to him the next day, asking for a recommendation.  I don’t have a latex allergy, but I do prefer how thin and soft this condom feels to me. This is my partner’s and my go-to condom.

Unique Condoms - Pull

Unique claims that its condoms are super-thin (only one-third the thickness of other condoms), but also super-safe, because they are made of a polyethylene synthetic resin which is three times stronger than standard latex.  I’ve got to admit, the first time that I saw partner pull out a Unique condom, I was a little perplexed because they don’t go on like a regular condom.  Instead, they have pull tabs and they are looser at the base of the penis.  My partner said that he experienced a higher level of sensation and heat transfer using a Unique condom. For my part, I found the condom to be completely tasteless and I couldn’t really feel it during sex, but it did look a little odd.  It’s an excellent choice for penis-owners who have a tough time staying erect with a traditional condom because they offer a looser fit with the same level of protection.

Trojan Magnum - Bare Skin

If you prefer a latex condom and a recognizable brand name, check out the Trojan Magnum Bare Skin. These are the thinnest magnum condoms that Trojan makes.  They have a tapered base and reservoir tip  (Trojan claims these features make them safer). While packaging is probably the least important part of a condom, I do like the shiny gold foil of the Trojan Magnums.  It adds a little drama and bling to that, “Hell yes, let’s do this!” moment of sex. Trojans have a tighter fit, even the Magnums, so penis owners who struggle to hold off orgasm might prefer them. 

Bonus tip!  Most condoms can be purchased using a Health Saving Account or Flexible Spending Account. So be safe and have fun!

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