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Time to check in with the Wives on their sexy homework from the book, Come as You Are, and the companion Workbook.

Author Emily Nagoski states that everyone’s sexuality is unique and normal.  That’s a wonderful and liberating message, but how can a woman learn about her unique sexual temperament from a book?  It’s time to dig a little deeper and pull out the workbook for sexy homework! 

But first, if you looking for a cocktail that won’t weigh you down in these dog days of summer, check out the Grapefruit Spritzer while listening to Kat recount 22 straight days of morning sex with Mr. Kat (…jealous much?!?!)  

Grapefruit Spritzer

Then, the Wives share their sexy homework with Come as You Are and the companion Workbook.

Drop that baggage, girl! Most women bring a lot of “baggage” in the bedroom, much of which is based on cultural messages around sex. Using the workbook, Ams and Kat explore how idealized versions of the “pure” “healthy” and “high performance” woman make real women feel inadequate and self-critical.

Time to Start a Sex Binder.  Do you plan for sex?  Why not?!?! We plan for the things in life that are important to us, so why don’t we plan more for sex? Ams uses the workbook to identify the “perfect context” for sex and better ways that her and Mr. Ams can initiate.

Let that Shit Go. Is stress keeping you from an amazing sex life? Kat confesses that chronic stress has been a major “brake” in her life over the past two years, and references Emily’s wisdom from CAUA as well as Emily and Amelia Nagoski’s book, Burnout, to complete the stress cycle.  

Finally, it’s Just the Tips for Come As You Are and the companion Workbook

A very special thanks to Abbey Snider for editing assistance on this episode!  You can check out Abbey’s podcast, Sweet Baby Gay at

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