I love the elegance and simplicity of champagne on its own, but there’s something incredibly fun and special about changing things up and creating a drink with a little EXTRA.  This cocktail is a jazzed up version of one of my favorite goto drinks.  It’s a simple concoction, just Deep Eddy’s lemon vodka and ginger beer with a little cherry simple syrup and a luxardo cherry.  In this martini version, the ginger beer is replaced with champagne.

Use Your Words Cocktail

Combine the lemon vodka, cointreau and cherry simple syrup in a shaker and shake to combine.  Strain the mixture into 2 chilled martini glasses ⅔ full and top with champagne.  Garnish with a Luxardo cherry.  Makes any special occasion all the more special. 


2HotWives Use their Words

Want to Learn More?

The Blushing Bride Cocktail is featured in 2HW's first episode, the 2HotWives Use Their Words.

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