Welcome to 2HotWives! A podcast where two friends in open marriages explore the exciting world of unconventional sex. If you are ready to take your sex-life to a whole new level, then look no further than your two new girlfriends: Ams and Kat.

In their pilot episode, the Wives talk about how women should use their words to get they want in bed. 

No matter how gorgeous, sexy and confident a woman is, most of us have a tough time asking for what we want in bed.  For those of us in long term, committed relationships, it’s easy to rely on subtle cues to get our points across, like an ass wiggle or a little moan.  But our partners aren’t mind-readers, and if we want to explore new things in the bedroom, like a new sex toy, role play, restraints or even another partner, communication is key! So the Wives are on a mission to help women find ways to figure out what their deepest sexual desires and make them come true through honest, direct discussions with their partners.

First, mix up this episode’s specialty cocktail, the Blushing Bride (so pink and bubbly!) It’s the perfect cocktail to make for when you are ready to say, “Honey, I want to try…” 

Use Your Words Cocktail

Then, Kat shares how an erotic tale from xConfessions got her and Mr. Kat talking about exploring an open marriage and Ams heads to a dungeon where she’s brave enough to volunteer for a public spanking!

Next, the Wives share their journey stories about how they each began to explore with their husbands how to have more fun, adventurous sex. After years of pillow talk and sharing hot stories, Kat gets a chance to have a threesome with two hot guys at a wedding, while Ams and Mr. Ams binge-listen to sex podcasts to learn the lifestyle ropes before jumping into the couples dating scene.

Then the Wives discuss both the benefits and challenges of navigating lifestyle experiences.  By opening up her marriage, Ams was surprised how it made her marriage stronger, and her sex life with Mr. Ams even better.  And as much as she enjoys playing with other partners, Kat is all about prioritizing her sex life with Mr. Kat by setting up a sexy, distraction free night at a local hotel. The Wives know that when you and your partner have a strong, committed relationship, there are almost no limits on where you can go with your sex life, if you only ask for it! But a word of caution, inviting new partners into your bed can also result in some strong negative emotions, like jealously and insecurity, so the Wives discuss how to navigate these challenges through rules, boundaries and LOTS of check ins.

Finally, the Wives share “Just the Tips” on ways to use your words to get what you want in bed. It seems so simple, but if you know what you want, and you ask for what you want, you get what you want!  And that philosophy has made all the difference in the bedroom for the Wives.

The Sexy Lexi:

What’s the difference is between full swap and soft swap?  And what exactly is a unicorn anyway? For those of you who are new to sexual exploration, the Wives have created the Sexy Lexi, a lexicon of sexual terminology. So, if you are curious what the term lifestyle, swinger insurance or bull means, check out the Sexy Lexi.

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