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Time to check in with the Wives on their Exhibitionism homework! 

Are you an exhibitionist? Exhibitionism is a sexual kink in which a person gets turned on by being naked or having sex while someone watches.  Consensual exhibitionism means that all people, watchers and participants, enthusiastically consent to the experience, and that’s the kink this episode focuses on. 

But first, check out this episode’s cocktail, the Cucumber Gin Martini (classy!) while Kat doubles-down on exhibitionism with her favorite single guy.  

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Then, the Wives share their sexy homework on exhibitionism. 

Ams brings her sexy persona to a very public place when her and 25 of her closest friends enjoy a little cosplay at an outdoor pop up roller rink.  She also plays up exhibitionism closer to home with Mr. Ams and a mirror. 

Kat takes exhibitionism up a notch with a sexy vacation to Austin and a reunion with lifestyle friends. 

Finally, it’s Just the Tips if you want to play with exhibitionism on your own, or with friends!

A very special thanks to Abbey Snider for editing assistance on this episode!  You can check out Abbey’s podcast, Sweet Baby Gay at

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