Are you curious how the Wives completed their sexy homework on hotwifing? Did the single guys meet all of their expectations?  Listen in to found out!  

First, if it’s feeling a little nippy outside, check out tonight’s cocktail, the Caffe 43, a yummy creamy coffee cocktail, while listening to this episode’s Hot Tale. Kat and Mr. Kat check out a high-end strip club with another couple, then they take it back to the hotel for a private striptease.

Caffe 43

Next, the Wives go into all the details of the sexy homework, including finding single guys on lifestyle dating sites, first dates, follow up dates and how to pick up the pieces when things don’t go as planned.

Finally, the Wives give their Just the Tips on their hotwifing experience.

Featured on this episode:

Casual Toys

Womanizer Premium – Red/Gold

Silicone Butt Plug Set

Front Porch Swingers

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