It’s play time! Ams and Kat share intimate details about their recent separate play encounters and go back in time to dish about their early experiences with couples play dates. They also share the perspectives of some of their closest friends in open marriages. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get ready for a couples play date, from grooming tips to setting boundaries. Learn how to establish and follow the rules…and when to throw those rules out the window and have some fucking fun!

First, mix up tonight’s cocktail, the Hot Brazilian.  And, why are we are we talking about Brazilians?  Because when you start exploring play with new partners, you might want to consider upping your grooming game!

Listen to the Wives explore Hot Tales all about separate play. While the Wives and their husbands enjoy group play, they also enjoy the intensity and the focus involved in separate play. Ams and Mr. Kat get some hot fun on the bed while Kat and Mr. Ams get all Cirque du Soliel on the sex swing!

Next, the Wives explore lifestyle couples play.  What does a typical playdate look like, how do you transition into play, and how much preparation and communication should go into a playdate? 

Listen in to get all of the sexy knowledge. 

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